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Dream Teacher…

You can choose any person from history to teach you any topic you want.  Who’s your teacher and what do they teach you?  This is in response to a daily writing challenge.

There are so many people who come to mind that I would have loved to studied under.  I mean, it would be an awe-inspiring experience to have had Mother Teresa as my teacher, or even studied under Laura Ingalls Wilder.   To have an oppotunity to learn music with the great composers would have continued to fuel my love of music.   There are so  many famous historical figures that would have provided me with a unique perspective on life, that I could continue on with a laundry list of possibilities.  My choice is NOT a famous to the outside world, but important to me and they have continued to impress upon me a lifetime of learning.


Who are these individuals??  My sisters…Diane and Elaine.

Diane (left); Elaine (right)

Elaine and I share so much common ground.  We are both teachers and avid lovers of learning.  We can easily spend hours upon hours on the phone collaborating and bouncing ideas off one another about ways to be a better teacher.  She, in my opinion, is an expert at teaching children how to read.  She is full of enthusiasm, and a wealth of knowledge.  I know that her and I could make a good research team.


Diane is a beautiful soul, inside and out.  She has a gentle spirit and a calmness that I aspire to be.  Even though our career paths are different, I know there is so much I could learn from her.  She brings about a serenity to the family “trilogy”.  She is the organzier, the one who knows how to evaluate a situation objectively, and still keep the emotions in tact.  From her, I would to learn patience and objectivity.


I think everyone has the ability to be great teachers to one another.  I spent many years studying to be a teacher, but what I have learned in the classroom is more than just cramming knowledge down their little heads.  It’s so much more than that.  It’s inspiring them to be independent learners, but also taking inspiration from them and using it to drive my learning.  I think it human nature to derive knowledge from each other and experiences, and use that to inspire personal greatness.


Sure, I would love to learn with the masters, but I think my best lessons in life come from those I’m the closest to.


Comments on: "Dream Teacher…" (3)

  1. Brian Shearer said:

    Keep up the GREAT work.

  2. Sharon, I was inspired by your writing! You beautifully knitted together family and education. I want to meet all 3 of you!! Congratulations to you on your awesome blog!! Keep learning out loud. I can’t wait to learn and grow with you. See you on #moedchat. 🙂 ~Laura

    • Laura, thank you for your kind words! I’m really excited about this endeavor. I’m not sure of the path it will take, but I have a feeling it will morph into positive thoughts and feelings. Thanks for visiting my blog and inspiring me.

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