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At the end of the day, everybody wants to know they matter.  Good news:  they do.

~Kid President

Two incredibly simple words: You Matter.  Two words that seem so simplistic and irrelevant and are often overlooked in our daily grind of living.  We survive from one moment to the next, with so many thoughts flooding our minds, that we often forget the impact those two beautiful words can have on ourselves, as well as the ones we love the most.

I know how easily I can dunk myself into the pervasive thoughts of how little I matter in the big ole world.  What contribution do I have that is important?  I’m nothing but ordinary.  I’m not, and never was, an Honor Student.  I can sing, and sign well, but I’m paralyzed by a massive case of stage fright.  Oddly enough, I’ve only sang publicly twice; once at Momma’s funeral and my final performance at my Daddy’s funeral.  I am always second guessing every thought, every decision, every move.  I get so caught up in my daily living that I forget my significance in this world.  I will never be a great philosopher, poet, writer, politician, but I am a good Momma, daughter, sister, friend, lover and teacher.  I never intentionally set out on my day to hurt people, in fact, my goal in life is to make other’s happy.  So…I matter.  I matter to myself and I matter to those I love most.  I believe the first thing to making a change in this world is to truly believe in ourselves and how significant we are.It’s a daily job to remind myself of my importance.  As a woman, I naturally put the needs of others over my own.  I know that will never change.  It’s who I am.  It’s every fiber of me.

I want everyone who reads this little note to know one thing…You matter.  You matter to me.  Even if we do not know each other on a deep level, I want you to know you matter.  You have somehow left a footprint on my soul.  You have taught me to find the good in others and that sometimes I need to work a little harder to find the good.  If you are someone close to me, who I’ve trusted with my heart (and you know who you are), you matter to me.  I go to bed smiling just because I know that you are a significant part of my world.  I often wake up at night and find that you are on my mind.  Little things remind me of you.  Maybe it’s the laughter of one of my students, or maybe it’s a joke I’ve read, a picture I’ve seen, or even a particular smell,  but there is something I experience that allows me to have a connection to you.

One of the most precious gifts I have ever received was a letter from my momma.  She was diagnosed with cancer and she fought that disease hard for three years.  In 2007, she went into the hospital for what was to be the last time.  She did not come home.  I think she knew she wouldn’t be coming home because she wrote each of us (my sisters, brother and I) a letter.  We had no clue she had done this.  My sisters had only found the letters tucked away in her purse.  It was her final kiss goodbye to us, and it was the sweetest, most precious gift ever.  You see, I knew she loved me and I knew how much I loved her.  But in that letter, I learned how much she appreciated me and how much she noticed the little, seemingly insignificant things I did.  I love this letter and have often pulled it out to read again, and again.  I makes me feel so much closer to her and reminds me that she is still very much alive in my heart.


I believe that if each one of us makes a concerted to let others know how much they matter to us, the world will begin to be a much happier place!  First, remind yourself of how much you matter!  Then, go out and spread the word to those around you.  Remember…YOU MATTER!!!  You matter to me!


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