This site is an insight into my personal journey on life, family, teaching and learning!


My name is Sharon Jennings. I live in Independence, MO and I have been teaching in the public schools for 10 years. I love learning about new things and sharing my learning with other.

These are my three kiddos…Andrew, Jody (Joseph) and Carolyn.  They are a huge part of my inspiration!  They continue to amaze me each and every day!  Andrew is studying Geology, Jody is getting ready to go to the Navy Reserves, then study Music Education, and Carolyn is a senior who aspires to be a nurse!  Yup, definitely a proud momma!!!

They have grown up WAY too fast!

Andrew, Jody and Carolyn…2014

I love this guy!  He has been in my life 3 years now.  We actually knew each other as kids and reconnected many years later.  He brings me happiness and loves me, no matter what my mood may be…which of course is always good!
These are my sweet fur babies!  Buzz is a crazy little mess.  Bailey was my parents dog, but I adopted her when they passed away.  Fred is my one-eyed kitty boy who we rescued from the shelter.  And Twiggy is his rescued sister!  She has three legs, which does not slow her down in the least.

This is Fred in the “glitter box”. That was a mess to clean up!

Fred and Bailey!

Carolyn and sweet Twiggy! You can’t see Twiggy’s missing leg, but trust me…it does NOT stop her!

I hope you enjoy my insights and thoughts on life!   I believe that positive thoughts, feelings, and actions make life easier and happier.


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