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Welcoming myself to the world of blogging!

I would like to start off by welcoming myself to the world of blogging! This is a new adventure for me, and definitely in the category of new learning. I am beginning this journey of self-reflection and sharing thanks to the inspiration from #moedchat-a Twitter educators chat.

What defines me? I wear many hats in this life. I am a mother, lover, daughter, sister, friend and teacher. My drive, energy and determination come from those who I love and admire the most.

I am the mother to three amazing kiddos! They are my heart and soul, but yet they are incredibly independent and self-driven. I am so proud of them and I cannot wait to see what life has in store for them.

Brian is my love. We both are celebrating our second chance at happiness. He loves me for who I am and he accepts all of my faults and shortcomings (which honestly aren’t very many!).

I am someone’s daughter. I was blessed with having two incredible parents. They taught me acceptance of others, faith in the human race, faith in myself, and how to love unconditionally. I miss them with every cell in my body. Mom was my best friend. She knew my soul. Daddy was the humorist and storyteller in the family. He taught me how to weave a story and taught me how to be patient when caring for others. Both of my parents succumbed to their illnesses and I will share their stories later.

I am also a little sister. Ok, I am the BABY sister. I have two sisters and two brothers who I look up to. Because I am the youngest, I have learned so much from them. I have learned perseverance, acceptance, patience, love, understanding, and laughter. Laughter is key in my family. We have sailed through tough times because of laughter. In fact, we have often stated that the laughter is what has kept us from crying!

I also relish in the company of my friends. My friends bring to me a great deal of laughter and support. They are there when I need them, listen to my diatribes, and also provide me with moments of gut-busting laughter!!!

Finally, I am a teacher and learner! I have taught elementary aged students for 10 years. Sometimes I think I have learned more from them that what they have learned from me. I love inspiring students, and everyone I meet, to find the best in themselves and others.

My goal for this blog is to celebrate my journey through life. My ups and downs, my celebration and failures. Life is an amazing journey and it’s time I told my story!

Thanks for reading.

Sharon 🙂